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Updating; I am bad at it

yeah I dunno. I really shouldn't keep making new blogs and forgetting about them (plus I tend to post the same content multiple times). sure I get some word out, but really. who's keeping track?

mostly I am writing this because this winter break will not goddamn end
okay, so maybe I'm not giving SJSU quite enough slack. they do have a winter session to take care of as well (a session I really should have gone to since I fucked up my (now probational) GPA. mm mm mmm 1.84)

all things academic aside, I seem to have hit a dry spell with photography. don't get me wrong, I love it to death; it's just that I haven't gone anywhere... photo-worthy. I know, I know, that's a ridiculous notion because photography is about finding the shot everywhere. the thing is, everywhere nearby is pretty fucking boring. Milpitas is a fucking suburb trying to pass itself off as a city for cryin' out loud. at least with my state-licensed adulthood coming soon I'll be able to arbitrarily demand my freedom-of-fucking-around-wherever-the-hell-I-want (okay so, maybe not everywhere, but its the principal of the matter at hand).

here, have some reissues. details will follow

Dec. 19th, 2008

just a first batch of photos that I took in the last couple of weeks. nothing truly extraordinary, I'm just beginning to accept the fact that using a plastic piece of crap Holga camera means letting the hands of fate (at least partially) affect the outcome of your baby photo. heh. anyone want to help add to the "Viet's New Medium Format Camera" fund?

Out of focus, but if you downsize it enough it doesn't look like it. (shh. trade secret)

I am actually surprised that this photo turned out as well as it did. I mean, sure, I used up at leat five rolls on poker night with one lightbulb above and no tripod, but admittedly, my standards aren't too up there to begin with. a pleasant surprise.

this one blew my mind when they printed it out. a total accident, it didn't look like a double exposure when I was staring at it at the light table. definitely gonna blow this one up a little more to get into the detail. hooray low grain.

okay. last one. this was taken almost directly after a nasty downpour san jose had last week. san jose state makes for beautiful scenes sometimes. other times, I wanna put a bat to it. all of it. repeatedly.

ooh. light flare.

I really need to get a new camera... not that the Holga isn't a fun camera. it is. I just want a bit more control over how the picture turns out (as opposed to the three settings I am given for this blasted thing).

anybody got two thousand to spare?


Just my little way of saying 'hello'

to the vast void that is the internet. hai guys!

A little bit about myself -- SJSU freshmen. Just finished up my last final (CHEM 1A) with a nagging doubt as to whether I cracked the 50% mark. Also my backspace button is failing.

This livejournal is mostly dedicated to spamming the internet with my work, whether it be the medium format crap I pass for photography or the endless tirade of drawing exercises  I force myself to do.

Also sometimes I whine (and insert quips into streams of thought with "also").

Some pretty interesting videos!

Le Roi Soleil A pretty interesting play, blending classic and modern music themes. Also, it is about King Louis the 14th. Can't go wrong with monarchy and singing (see: the Jungle Book)

et une autre video: the commercial for the Australian-released rally version of the Toyota Corolla. The commercial itself is tastefully done, if not trippy in the slightest degree.

I need to get out more.